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Your Choice of : Shrimp $ 7 Chicken $ 6            
    Veggie $ 6      
  Lemon grass Soup
A rich hot and sour flavored broth with lemon grass, tomato, mushroom and lime juice topped with coriander.
  Mango Salad $ 9
Shredded fresh mango tossed with
ground peanut, slice carrots, onions
with lemon dressing and cashew nut.
  Coconut Milk Soup
A rich coconut milk soup with a touch of lemon grass, galangal, lemon juice and mushrooms topped with coriander.
  Thai Salad $ 9
Combination of pineapples, cucumbers,
tomatoes, lettuce, red onion, deep-fried
dices of tofu topped with peanut sauce
      Glass Noodle Salad $ 10
Tiger shrimps and chicken tossed
with glass noodle, chili, onions,
carrot, bell pepper and lime juice.
  Hot & Sour Soup $ 6
Bamboo shoots, black mushroom, chili garlic, eggs and tofu in a hot & soup broth topped with coriander.
  Deep-Fried Chicken Salad $ 10
Lightly deep-fried slice of chicken
tossed with Thai salad and Thai dressing.

Wonton Soup (shrimp $ 8 Chicken $ 7)
Wontons in clear broth soup with mushrooms topped with garlic oil, green onion and coriander.

  Spicy Beef Salad $ 10
Grilled strips of beef tossed with spicy
salad dressing, Thai salad, bell pepper,
and rice powder.
  Pumpkin Soup $ 6
A rich flavored harmony of pumpkin and coconut milk touched with a basil leave.
  Seafood Salad $13
Combination of seafood tossed
with Thai salad and Thai dressing.
    4-You Salad $ 12
Marinated shrimps, squids, chickens, in our specially blend of spices
and lightly deep-fried tossed with Thai salad, cashew nut on the side with
special Thai creamy salad dressing.
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