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Vegetable Dishes
  Mixed Vegetables $ 11
Stir fried assorted vegetables, mushrooms,
carrot, and baby corn with Thai sauce.
    Sweet & Sour Tofu $ 11
Sauteed tofu, pineapples, tomatoes,
bell pepper, onions, cucumbers, carrots
  Thai Green Vegetable $ 12
Thai green vegetable, shiitake mushrooms
and slice of bell pepper stir fried with thai
chili garlic sauce.
    Ginger Tofu $ 11
Sauteed tofu with fresh ginger, garlic,
shiitake mushrooms and onion.
  Asparagus with Mushrooms $ 12
Asparagus, shiitake mushrooms and
bell pepper stir fried with chili garlic sauce.
    Spicy Tofu $ 11
Sauteed tofu with red curry sauce,
bell pepper, carrot, bamboo shoots
and basil leaves.
  Spicy Eggplant $ 11
Stir fried eggplant, bell pepper,
onion, carrot and basil leaves with
Thai chili garlic sauce.
    Basil Tofu $ 11
Sauteed tofu with bell pepper, carrot
and onion in Thai chili garlic sauce.
  Cashew Nut Tofu $ 11
Sauteed tofu with carrot, bell pepper,
orange, cashew nut in Thai sweet chili sauce.
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